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When you're travelling, you might tend to take several pictures in burst mode, as in a rush you'd rather be safe than sorry. But that means that when you move the photos to your computer, you'll find a bunch of snaps that are exactly alike, though some may be more blurry than others.

Duplicate Images Finder can search your entire image collection and find all the duplicates. This tool not only uses file names or size, but also finds images with a similar look so you can choose which of them is best and worth keeping in your gallery.

This handy tool will help you find any duplicate image regardless of its location on your hard drive, and you can get rid of it in a single click.

Duplicate Images Finder is very easy to use. Simply select the folder where you want to search for duplicates and press 'search' for the program to begin. Once found, the duplicates will be listed to the left of the interface where you can look at them more closely, and, if need be, remove them from your hard drive.
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